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About Us


In 1995, the Faculty of Nursing was established at the Mahasarakham University in response to an increasing need for qualified nursing personnel in the northeastern region and to improve general nursing standards. Students were accepted into the nursing program for the first time in 1997 when Nursing was still a department within the faculty of science. On July 20th. 1998, the Faculty of Nursing was established as an independent faculty.


     Nurses are professionals who have expert knowledge and ethical standards in being leaders to promote health in the community.


     The Faculty of Nursing is responsible to educate quality nursing graduates that meet national standards; conduct research, distribute body of knowledge and develop innovations in nursing; provide academic outreach services; conserve and nurture our local wisdom and cultural heritage. This faculty also intends to promote health human resource development by conducting studies that combine local wisdom with technology.

A Vision

     A leading, Nursing Educational Institute for the northeast region.

Mission Statement

1. To create the nursing graduates who have high quality, leadership attributes.
2. To develop a knowledge base that contributes to innovations in health.
3. To promote a strong, healthy community in the northeast region.
4. To conserve and nurture our local wisdom and cultural heritage.

Faculty of Nursing Objectives

1. To educate qualified nursing graduates who meet all levels of the national standards.
2. To conduct research, disseminate knowledge and develop nursing innovations including other health related innovations. This work may be conducted in collaboration with other organizations in Thailand and overseas.
3. To provide academic services in health which are useful to local people, neighboring communities and both governmental and non-governmental organizations.
4. To maintain, support and promote cultural heritage as being integral to professional nurses.