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  Faculty of Nursing. Mahasarakham University has a policy to promote and support collaborative research that includes Thai wisdom, hospital and community based care. The purpose of this research in the create evidence to inform nursing practice.


There are 11 research units in Faculty of Nursing, Mahasarkham University. The purpose of research unit is to support the faculties to develop new knowledge and innovation in nursing for nursing practice and for teaching and learning.

  1. Unit Research: AIDS
  2. Unit Research: Health Promotion
  3. Unit Research: Development of Elderly Quality of Life
  4. Unit Research: Innovation in Nursing
  5. Unit Research: Chronic Illness
  6. Unit Research: Wisdom Health
  7. Unit Research: Teaching and Learning
  8. Unit Research: Family Nursing
  9. Unit Research: Mental Health Promotion
  10. Unit Research: Pediatric Nursing
  11. Unit Research: Community Nursing


Research & Article & Abstracts

File File size Downloads
pdf A Comparison of Thai Herb and Motilium on Breast Milk Production in Mothers at a Hospital Postpartum Ward in Northeastern Thailand 218 KB 15
pdf Attitudes Among Thai Men Who Had a Vasectomy 210 KB 47
pdf Acceptance of Pregnancy in Teenage Pregnancy 219 KB 17
pdf Basic Family Functions to Prevent Children’ Games Addiction Behavior Problems: A Study from a Community near a University in Northeastern Thailand 313 KB 71
pdf Characteristics of Clinical Teaching Effectiveness in Nursing 210 KB 38
pdf Cultural Care Management on People with Hypertension in a Rural Community 218 KB 14
pdf Developing the Nursing Skills in Health Promotion for Nursing Students at Mahasarakham University 206 KB 14
pdf Dyspnea and Edema Experience and Management in Thai Elderly with Congestive Heart Failure 218 KB 21
pdf Early Adolescent Thais’ Perceptions of Sexual Identity 294 KB 41
pdf Effects of the Preparation of an Animation Program on Fear and Anxiety in the School-age Child who Underwent Surgery 293 KB 23
pdf Epidemiology for Cervical Cancer Screening of Women with HIV/AIDS at Mahasarakham Hospital between 2550-2552 223 KB 11
pdf Family Relationships, Roles and the Meaning of Active Agingamong Rural Northeastern Thai Elders 105 KB 20
pdf Health Status, Activity Levels, and Perception on Aging in People 60 Years Old and Over 215 KB 14
pdf Making Choices: To Live a Normal Life with HIV/AIDS 218 KB 13
pdf Mental Health of the Elderly 213 KB 29
pdf Mental Health of the Elderly 206 KB 28
pdf Metabolic Syndrome in Persons with Mental Disorders: The Challenge for Mental Health and Psychiatric Nurses 200 KB 12
pdf Parents’ Attitude of Adolescents Having Friends of the Opposite Sex 213 KB 25
pdf Participatory Action Plan for Mental Health Promotion of Nursing Students 99 KB 11
pdf Family Strength of HIV Patients 220 KB 27
pdf Perception of Adolescences Toward Unwanted Pregnancy 181 KB 28
pdf Postoperative Ileus in Cholecystectomy Patients 183 KB 14
pdf The Effects of Teaching Strategies Focusing on Self-directed Learning in the Courses of Nursing Practice for Childbearing Family 1 and 2 183 KB 16
pdf The Family Cohesion and Family Support of Patients with HlV/AIDS 218 KB 14
pdf Financial Planning and Family Resources of Patients with HIV/AIDS at Roi-et Province, Thailand 222 KB 23
pdf Relationships among Selected Factors, Intergenerational Relationships Self-care Behaviors, and Psychological Well-being in Older Adults 206 KB 15
pdf Self-care The relationships between Severity of Disease, Self-care behaviors, and Quality of Life among Patients Upper Gastrointestinal Hemprrhage 4 MB 147
pdf Effects of Home Visit Program on Health Beliefs, Behaviors and Blood Pressure among Patients with Hypertension in Community 175 KB 13
pdf Effects of Self – Efficacy Enhancement Program on Perceived Drinking Refusal Self – Efficacy and Alcohol Dependence in Alcohol Dependence Males. 494 KB 142
pdf Caregivers Adaptation Experiences in Taking Care of Activity of Daily Living (ADLs) among Elderly with Dementia in Rural Context 232 KB 16
pdf Meaning and Perception of Chronic Disease Prevention of Public Esaan Rural 559 KB 39
pdf Predicting Schizophrenia at Risk of Readmissions in the Short- and Long-Term using Decision Tree Model 452 KB 25
pdf A Concept Analysis of Thum-jai A Thai Coping Strategy 872 KB 26
pdf Hyperprolactinemia Silent Adverse Effects in 202 KB 16
pdf Enhancing the performance of association rule models by filtering instances in colorectal 1 MB 13